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  • I am happy you made it to my web page and I see that you feel the need to read my disclaimers. They are just here to preempt any disputes and to cover my rear if need be. They aren't glamorous or exciting, so you might not want to waste the minute it would take you to read through them. But if you have the irrepressible urge to read them, go right ahead. 1. If you see something on my page you don't agree with, don't flame me or send hate mail. I do not intend any offenses, so I don't see why I should get flamed. Boycott my page or whatever, but leave me alone. Not everybody has the same opinions. 2. I have many links on this page which have pictures beside them. Yes, I have taken these pictures from the web pages to which they are attached. If I have a link to your webpage on mine and you don't want it or its picture on my web page, don't sue me.Just email me and politely ask that I remove your webpage, picture, or both, and I will kindly do as requested.

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